1 Oz American Eagle Platinum Coin

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The 1 oz Platinum American Eagle has a nominal face value of $100 and is manufactured with. 9995 pure platinum. It is recognized as legal currency in the United States.

The official platinum bullion currency of the United States, the Platinum American Eagle, was initially made available in 1997. The coin is supported by the American government and approved by the US Congress. The coin's obverse displays a forward-looking Lady Liberty created by John Mercanti. With the year of issue and IN GOD WE TRUST to her right, LIBERTY is placed precisely above Lady Liberty's crown. A bald eagle with its wings spread outward, displaying a truly remarkable wingspan, is depicted on the coin's reverse. The eagle's jaws are open as it soars away from the sun's rays, which are below and to the left of the bird. The opposite comprises UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


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