1 Oz American Eagle Gold Coin

The one-ounce gold coin that can boast the title of the most popular gold coin is the world is non-other than the 1 oz American Eagle gold coin. First authorized by Congress in 1985, this bullion coin was an instant smash and reached iconic status almost overnight. The American Eagle gold coin is quite simply an obvious top choice for any serious gold bullion investor. It is available in 1 ounce, ½ ounce, ¼ ounce, and 1/10 ounce sizes.

Call for Price

Given its prodigious popularity, the American Eagle gold coin gets minted at a relatively modest rate, at an average of far less than a million a year. Any chance to pick up this classic bullion coin should not be overlooked.

About The American Eagle Gold Coin

Minted in 22 karat gold (.9167 fine), the American Eagle gold coin is extremely durable and strongly resistant to scratching. The largest gold coin struck by the US Mint, its purity is guaranteed by the American government. Keep in mind it actually weighs a bit over one troy ounce, which explains the slightly lesser percentage of purity despite maintaining a rating of 22 karat gold.

The obverse side’s design is a throwback to another classic American coinage: the Saint-Gauden’s $20 double eagle coin, minted domestically from 1907 until 1933 when gold was nationalized. The reverse side features a striking love scene between two noble members of our national avian species: a bald eagle brings an olive branch to the nest of a mother female guarding her hatchling babies.

The one-ounce Gold American Eagle bears a $50 face value and all GAmerican Eagle gold coins are fully guaranteed for weight and purity by the US Government.

Note to Investors

Both for its timeless patriotic fervor and longstanding dependable value, the American Eagle gold coin represents a sure-fire bet in the gold bullion market. Backed by the USA, it’s a durable and unforgettable American coinage.

It’s also IRA eligible, adding to the security of your investment.

As always, Crown Bullion is more than happy to advise prospective buyers on whether this coin is right for your investment portfolio. Any coin bought from us will always come to you in immaculate condition straight from the mint itself. Crown Bullion is proud to be a direct distribute for the Unites States Mint products such as the American Eagle gold coin.


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