1 Oz Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

With an exceptional 99.99% purity and guaranteed backing from the Canadian government, the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin represents a pristine opportunity for the savvy gold bullion investor.

Call for Price

At 24 karats, the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin is recognized as among the very finest gold bullion products in the world.

About the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

The standard version of the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin weighs 1.0018 troy ounces, at 99.99% purity, with reeded edges and sporting a sparkling, radiant shimmer. It’s produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, making it legal tender in Canada with a face value of fifty Canadian dollars.

The obverse depicts her eminence, Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse features the iconic Canadian Maple Leaf, the national symbol of Canada. There’s also a host of other denominations to choose from: 1⁄25 oz ($0.50), 1⁄20 oz ($1), 1⁄10 oz ($5), ¼ oz ($10), and ½ oz ($20).

The Canadian Mint is at the vanguard of innovative security measures, and these coins feature micro-inscribed radial lines on both sides, discouraging counterfeiters.

The Royal Mint

One of the most respected and venerable mints in the world, the Royal Canadian Mint has proven to be durably trustworthy to buy from. From their expanding security measures to world-class craftsmanship, bullion collectors across the globe are taking notice.

And because this is the national mint of Canada, investors can be extra-assured that any product they purchase comes fully backed with the highest guarantee. On top of that, the mint has added a new service, now allowing customers and dealers to instantly authenticate registered bullion coins from the Royal Mint.

Gold bullion is a tried and true investment for any collector, and the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin represents one of the safest, most affordable, and most pristine ways to collect it.

As always, Crown Bullion is more than happy to advise prospective buyers on whether this coin is a proper fit in your investment portfolio. Crown Bullion is a direct distributor of Canadian Royal Mint products and will always deliver pristine quality mint quality products and tremendous savings.


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